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Sarah Johnson is a fashion enthusiast, writer, and designer based in New York City. She has always had a passion for fashion, and her love for creating unique and stylish outfits started at a young age. After studying fashion design at Parsons School of Design, Sarah began her career as a designer, creating her own line of clothing and accessories.

In addition to designing her own line, Sarah has written for a number of fashion and lifestyle publications, sharing her expertise on everything from trend forecasting to style tips. She is also a regular contributor to fashion blogs and websites, where she shares her insights on the latest trends and styles.

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What Our Customers Say

Sarah is known for her innovative and fresh approach to fashion, and her designs have been featured in several prominent fashion publications.
Jennifer Lewis
She is also an advocate for sustainable and ethical fashion, and is dedicated to promoting eco-friendly practices in the industry.
Alicia Heart
When she's not working on her latest design project or writing about fashion, Sarah can be found exploring the city's many boutiques and vintage shops, searching for inspiration for her next project.
Juan Carlos

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